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Geisha Letty - 97 Points! - Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee
Geisha Letty - 97 Points! - Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee

Geisha Letty - 97 Points!

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This exceptional coffee was selected as the No. 4  coffee on Coffee Review’s list of the Top 30 Coffees of 2022.  Produced by Diego Bermudez of Finca El Paraiso entirely of the Geisha variety of Arabica, and processed by the double-anaerobic washed method, in which the fermentation occurs in a hermetically sealed vessel. It has a remarkable and surprising profile that is fruity and richly floral, tart, yet sweet.  Finca El Paraiso is a Multi Award winning farm in the Valle de Cauca region of Colombia.

Expect the definition of yellow fruit. Our most prominent notes were haribo peach, milky oolong and mango. There are tastes of Wisteria, dried nectarine, pistachio brittle, calamansi lime, tarragon in aroma and cup. Deeply sweet structure with resoundingly bright, lively acidity; delicately silky, viscous mouthfeel. Long, floral-toned finish supported by bittersweet citrus.

Letty is the name of his youngest daughter and Diego said "Our desire is that the second generation of our family of coffee growers can transcend history and can generate a new evolution and passion for coffee." With coffee like this we don't doubt that this truly will become a reality.

Diego Bermudez was one of the first to start experimenting with the fermentation process, now called Thermal Shock. Diego has developed more than 10 replicable protocols (recipes), so he can produce his profiles on demand.

All cherries are washed thoroughly with filtered water to remove all microorganisms present on the skins. After that, he introduces his own recipes of microorganisms into the fermentation process based on a organic compound analysis done on the the cherry contents. He then controls the level of fermentation by keeping track of temperature, PH, pressure and other environment variables.

To this point, it’s important to state that certain flavor compounds found in the coffee have not been added, rather  they are intentionally formed during the fermentation process using the compounds already present in the beans.