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Brazil Primavera Yellow Catuai Geisha - Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee
Brazil Primavera Yellow Catuai Geisha - Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee
Brazil Primavera Yellow Catuai Geisha - Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee

Brazil Primavera Yellow Catuai Geisha

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This new processing "Geisha Juice" brought out a unique flavor profile! It offers a fruity and chocolate like aromatics and with your first sip, you will think "This is a clean and fruity Brazil!" When drinking you will have a -crisp nectarine quality and at mid-temperature transitions and becomes a chocolate covered cherry with a brown sugar sweetness.

The Catuai "Geisha Juice" Lot 17 was a “nanolot” that Ricardo made. First, the Geisha stands 3-5 days in anaerobic tanks. After soaking in the tanks, the Geisha coffee go to African beds and, in the tanks, remains some “geisha juice” produced by the “mosto” of the coffee grains, with sugar and microorganisms. Ricardo puts that "geisha juice" in another tank with Catuaí beans to ferment all together. And that’s why he called it Catuaí "Geisha Juice”. The anaerobic fermentation for this particular Brazil Primavera Catuai was for 3 days.

REGION: Chapada de Minas     FARM: Fazenda Primavera     
FARMER: Ricardo Tavares     VARIETAL: Yellow Catuaí
ALTITUDE: 1000 M     PROCESS: Geisha Juice     ROAST: Medium

Following his father’s footsteps, producer Ricardo Tavares has dedicated his life to the coffee industry. Ricardo’s father began in the roasted coffee industry, delivering products to meet the demands of Brazil’s domestic coffee consumption. Ricardo began his own story in the world of coffee business at age 19, when he accompanied his father on a trip to northern Brazil. It was always Ricardo’s dream to own and operate coffee farms, and, years after beginning work in coffee, he acquired Fazenda Primavera, which is the ultimate fulfillment of that goal. The 980 hectares planted with coffee are not just a farm but a property he and his team have built into a regional exemplar of the possibility of specialty coffee production in Brazil, transforming it from its origins in traditional coffee production by Portuguese families who arrived in the late 70’s, when coffee production in the region began.

Primavera’s agility in responding to new agricultural research and technology and to new trends in consumer preference is one of its main assets. For example, microlots are dried on raised beds, coffee is intercropped with shade trees on specially selected plots of the property, Honey processing eliminates the use of water, and coffee is evaluated constantly to find the best cup profiles. Primavera is the future of Brazil specialty coffee!